First Day at New Job Tomorrow!

As per career advisers advice, I used connects in the community to learn about my area of interest, and sure enough, I got a job!  And the first day of that new job is tomorrow!

I do still have a handful of remaining shifts with my previous employer, but that will end in less than two weeks.

Tonight I deleted the recurring events in my Google Calendar for my previous job.  Kinda sad, actually.  That’s my main circle of friends.  I can always go back to visit, and I fully expect to, but I will miss them.

However, this is a very very positive step.  I’m a bit nervous but very very excited to begin this new chapter of my life.

Gonna be a bit hard to sleep tonight.

Dell D620 Flair

Ordered some Rinse.FM, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu stickers today too, and good buddy Robbie says that he’s going to bring me more tomorrow 😉

DHA Meetup! Lubuntu! Aced the LFS101x Final! Bigger HDD for the D620!

Went to my first MeetUp last night

Monthly meeting of the Dallas Hackers Association!  Lots of fun!  Discussed the recent developments in the Linux world and other experiences in IT/infosec.  I’ve made it a recurring event on my calendar.  There are more events that I’m considering going to, but I’d need to do some rearranging of my work schedule to give me more time to do stuff on the weekends, and that might be a tall order (pun intended ZING).


Lubuntu on the D620

Very responsive.  Current (at least until Lubuntu 14.10 is released).  Doesn’t have dependency issues.  Wi-Fi works.  I’ve been very pleased with it!  No random freezes like I had for some reason on my desktop.  I suppose the only other thing that I could do is get more RAM for it.  LXDE is snappy enough, and DDR2 is stupid expensive..  I’ve spent about $50 on parts that are unique to this computer (batteries).  The hard drive that’s supposed to get in today is transferable so I see that as more of an investment than a purchase since I can use that going forward.  Hell, I could even make it into an external.


Kubuntu on the Desktop

Contemplating what might be a better utilization of that computer.  Has Kubuntu, CentOS 7, and Win7 Pro.  Most of the desktoppy data is in Windows.  Thinking about using that computer as a landfill for my data.  Also an excuse to play with RockStor?  Love the concept of a roll-your-own Drobo.  I do REALLY like KDE.  I do really get the sense that its very mature, albeit a bit big..  Ars has a great article about the next iteration of KDE, Plasma 5.  Can’t wait for the wrinkles to get ironed out of that.


Successfully completed LinuxFoundationX: LFS101x Introduction to Linux

Got every question correct on the first attempt! Not exactly sure what I want to do next.  I do still need to finish Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy…  Perhaps something a little more..  I was going to say ‘useful’.  I should look for more things like it.  More activities to work through.  As I may have mentioned before, I knew a fair amount of it going into it, but there was certainly a ton of stuff that I didn’t know, and I appreciated the distinctly *nix flavor of it.  I hope that The Linux Foundation comes out with more offerings on edX.


Hard Drive set to arrive today!

Going from 80gb to 1tb 😉  Watched a video of the install and looks super easy, just undo a couple of screws, slide it out, replace the hard drive in the carrier, pop it back in, tighten everything up, and you’re good to go!  Of course I’ll have to install everything again, but hey, that’s half the fun right?  I think Unix Stickers might help me totally complete the package 😉