Zabbix Migration Complete

Migrated Zabbix to MariaDB virtual machine.

Current to-do:

8) tnewman0
-Sendmail + logwatch

9) MariaDB
-add logwatch
-add sendmail/gmail
-add zabbix

10) www
-install zabbix agent

11) zabbix
-update host configs (new IP’s) in zabbix server (www, mariadb, etc)

Sendmail w/ Gmail + Logwatch

Using this guide, I successfully managed to send a message from the console to my Gmail account via

Feeling frisky, I also installed Logwatch, following this guide, and I got it!

I’ve got Zabbix (actually need to reinstall it, but its simple), which is great for detailed monitoring, but having a daily digest of changes is nice, too.


Projects are as distracting as they are educational.

Stay thirsty.. and curious, my friends.

Hello world!

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Giving this self-hosted WordPress thing a whirl again.  Start the clock!