Local git repo + ssh keys

Handy little guide on setting up git repos locally.

If you’re you’ve got PasswordAuthentication set to no in your sshd_config, you need to disable it temporarily to copy the keys as the user you normally use using ssh-copy-id git@localhost.  Once the key is successfully copied, then you will no longer be prompted for a password..  and you can re-disable Password authentication.

Apartment and keelung1.ddns.net Maintenance

Geeked out pretty hard this weekend!  Bit of a convoluted process but I’m happy with the way things are going.  Laptop is free to run Windows for vidya.  Raspberry Pi 3 does my dinky Linux server stuff.

Re-partitioned the drive in the Windows laptop to have a bit more room for the break-in-case-of-emergency Linux partition (which I still need to install).

Bought a Raspberry Pi (and related party supplies) near GuangHua Tech Plaza in the underground market.  Split off everything but /boot onto a 500GB external HDD so as not to kill the MicroSD card.

While the laptop is a less-than-ideal piece of gaming hardware, it is sufficient for my purposes, especially now that it doesn’t need to do Linux duties anymore.

Still need to iron out Bluetooth connectivity with the PS4 controller..