I had a moment with this gated shifter in the garage. As if this is reason enough to leave home, but no. The car won't start and even if it did, it isn't mine.

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#Nonblocking #udp based bitstreams will decrease #website / #application loading times over the internet.

#HTTP/3 is the designated name for the coming next version of the #protocol that is currently under #development within the #QUIC working group in the #IETF


e/, the open source and privacy-centric mobile ecosystem (e.foundation), is recruiting a talented and pasionnate Android (Java/Kotlin) developer!
Mission: help us improve several Android applications that are part of the core operating system.
Please send me an email to: gael@e.email, with a resume and motivation.
#androiddevelopers #java #kotlin
#remoteemployees #opensource #job #android #developer

   / ̄ ̄\ ムシャムシャ
  /  ●/ ̄ ̄\
  /   ト、  \
 彳   \\  |
`/   /⌒ヽヽ |
/    |  | | /.
    |  ヽ|/∴

オエーー!!!! ___
    ___/   ヽ
   /  / /⌒ヽ|
  / (゚)/ / /
  /   ト、/。⌒ヽ。
 彳   \\゚。∴。o
`/    \\。゚。o
/     /⌒\U∴)
     |  ゙U|
     |   ||

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